Community Goals / Roadmap

Website Roadmap

We are temporarily using WordPress to be able to get you guys some quick and easy information about us

The Plan is to move Entire website and use a different CMS (Content Management System) called Typo3 which is more lightweight and should be able to handle a lot more traffic without disrupting anything.

If you have any experience with webdeveloping/webdesigning please fill out an application on our applications page

Our goals with website is to integrate EVERYTHING¬†to it for easier communications and more security, we will be making it SSO (Single Sign On) and also we’ll be creating a two-step authentication which will require you to login to discord/teamspeak/mumble to get access to certain pages. I know sounds extremely boring and complicated…

Game servers

We do want to make this one stop community, any server you’d like we’d like to host for our members!

MMO Gaming

We’d like to expand to MMO games and have guilds/tribes/clans on most MMO’s out there, we want people to have an awesome group of people to play with, so this is something we will be working with as well
Game such as: